Asking questions is vital to make a project work, to keep processes up to date, to learn more about your team, By asking questions you encourage your team to express their opinions, to offer solutions or submit ideas. “What do you think is slowing down the invoicing process?” “How would you tackle that customer?”

When being involved with projects and processes, asking questions from the start is key. Asking questions, even difficult ones, makes sure nothing is overlooked. Also throughout the project, you need to keep asking questions. As if you keep on asking questions, there’s a far better chance you’ll spot the problems before you hit them. And having a smooth enrolling project, don’t we all like that?

Asking questions is one of the important habits of a manager. Are you at ease with it? Or is it a challenge for you? Well you can learn to get at ease to ask questions.

At a Heart4work we support managers to develop their managerial capacities.


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